Thanks to William Lewis

Any lads who served in Willich
can add there names to this site through the contact me link.
I served in 21 Sqn from 1965 to 1969
Please use the comments to add anything of interest
about your time in Willich.
I do ask that you contact me with your contact details
and please leave your name on the comments so others
know who you are.

Sgts Mess 1968/9
Me left cant recall other two names

Above from Gerald Rice 1960-61

Tom Melson 1968

Something of interest.

During the 80's two vehicles came into service,
the Centurion 105mm MBT in 1982 and the Willich A.V.R.E in 1987.
The Willich was designed by a Royal Engineer
who now serves as the SO2 in the Wing, Capt (retd) D Clegg MBE.
The vehicle was built by Armoured Engineers and
the R,E,M,E in the German town of Willich,
hence the name.
Both vehicles are no longer in service.


  1. Sample comment
    I served with 21 sqn 1965-69 in my time i was ration store Cpl did some time in stores troop.
    In 69 i became Sgts Mess caterer for about 6 months then on to stock taking for BAOR war reserve.
    Hank Lawrence 1965-69 21 Sqn

    this is the sort of item i think would help people to remember each other also you can message between yourselves here.

  2. mick Sloan
    i served with 41 plant park squadron at willich from september 1966 until may 1969, i was with plant and mt troop delivering military plant throughout b.a.o.r.example hameln, paderborn, osnabruck,hannover,my current email address is i currently live in ripon north yorkshire at moment

  3. Victoria (Rutledge) Hussey

    Like to say hello to Fingers or anyone else I knew & find out how life has been & what you are all up too.

  4. Jimmy (scouse) Daly.
    I served with 21 Sqn from 1970 - 1974. Played footie, rugby, cricket, basketball etc.
    Was CO'S driver and then Officers Mess caterer.
    Would love to attend reunion in 2012.

  5. Hi its Roger Martin i was in mt troop willich from sept 68 till april 71 ended up as co,s driver lt col JOINER,I remember mick sloan good scammel driver also spud murphey, and jughead johnson. we built the bridge over railway when i was

  6. Hello Roger Martin sent you an email and have not heard back please try contacting me via the contact hank link top left.

  7. Hi, i am Bob Carter and i was posted to 41 Sqn Plant troop in 1966, I also spent a while in 46 park Sqn down in Belgium before moving to Paderborn. I played football for the regiment for a while but decided that duty free drink was the order of the day. I've seen the light since

  8. welcome Bob please contact me via the contact hank link above so i can add you to the roll.
    Did you go to 5 fld sqn?
    hope to hear from you

  9. hello.hank.
    if u wann´a contact me leave a post

  10. Hello Paddy,
    I served in Willich between 76-79 in plant troop and I remember you! You can contact me direct at

    Pete Verdon

  11. hi Jimmy Daly and Paddy Burke,i remember both of you,i was in 21 and mt
    Bill Lewis--luigi
    can email me -bill7771{
    hoping to get over for 2012