Thanks to William Lewis

Any lads who served in Willich
can add there names to this site through the contact me link.
I served in 21 Sqn from 1965 to 1969
Please use the comments to add anything of interest
about your time in Willich.
I do ask that you contact me with your contact details
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know who you are.

Sgts Mess 1968/9
Me left cant recall other two names

Above from Gerald Rice 1960-61

Tom Melson 1968

Something of interest.

During the 80's two vehicles came into service,
the Centurion 105mm MBT in 1982 and the Willich A.V.R.E in 1987.
The Willich was designed by a Royal Engineer
who now serves as the SO2 in the Wing, Capt (retd) D Clegg MBE.
The vehicle was built by Armoured Engineers and
the R,E,M,E in the German town of Willich,
hence the name.
Both vehicles are no longer in service.