From Dave Samuel 40 AESR 1966-1969 Hi Hank,
I was in the field lighting troop in 41 Sqn, with Sgt ? Harrison, Terry Blohm, Ray Rocky, Alan Scaife Shorty Drew. I was single then and cut my teeth in the NAAFI with the likes of Tom Wye. It was great being there I loved it, I remember one RSM who was SKD Lyng happy days! I went to Tidworth to 34, Hohne 7 Sqn, Recruiting Norwich,Waterbeach 48 Sqn,Hameln 29, ITRRE, Chepstow 88 Sqn and Finally 71 Engr Regt.


  1. Hank,Can you let Dave(Sam)Samuel know that "Fingers"is wanting to know how he is.Thanks mate

  2. I arrived on my first day in 1989 to be greeted by my brother Sam, only to be directed to run the Cpl Mess christmas function NO ROOM, NO IDEA, and a the biggest hangover and bollocking for the first day, this set the tone for what was to be a blur for the next 2 years. Oh what fun.

  3. Welcome Chris can you contact me via contact me link so i have your email i will add you to roll call i only add people i have contact with so if you wish to contact anyone on the list let me know

  4. my dad alwyn blackburn davies was in thr royal engineers about 1947 any body no him my email address is aldavxxx@yahoo.co.uk