I have tried to get info about the Willich reunions
on several occasions but it seems they are not for
sharing this includes photos as some dont want photos seen on the internet and i will respect their wishes.
Join facebook to see all photos on their
reunion 2012 group you will need to be invited
as it is a secret group.
The idea of a reunion in the UK has been suggested a few
times to me and it would be good to get feed back about
this idea, example
September 2013
A weekend at Holiday Inn junction 2 M6 Coventry
Friday pm to Sunday mid-day
I would hope to get the same deal as below
At present we do this each year with
11 Ind Fld Sqn
Cost this year is £109 two people sharing double or twin
Same cost for one person on there own
Includes breakfast Sat and Sun also Carvery Sat night.
Friday eve at extra charge per person of £12 for main Curry or other meal and sweet
We feel this is excellent value and all agree
The sqn had 157 people last year about 78 rooms


  1. From Steve Wright
    Fantastic weekend at the Willich Reunion 11/12 July 2009 meeting up with Jim 'Jock' Brewster and Randy Pantin and knowing each other straightaway after 32 years was hoping to say hello to our former CO Roger Eagle and RSM Brian Cox but both could not make it chatted with former OC EBW Bill Kerr and many who were out of time special mention to a national service lad
    who was there in 1952 and the last CO Richard Dennis who gave the keys to Stadt Willich in 1992 last but not least many thanks to Tam Pearce as a true sapper put everything together and he did go the extra nine yards! Cheers Steve Wright Willich 75-77

  2. Brilliant weekend, can't wait for the next one.
    There was 120ish people at the reunion, a lot of them I hadn't seen for 26 years, some I didn't even recognise.
    Bob Beer
    Willich 80-83

  3. Hi Bob thanks for adding your comment any chance of getting in touch with your contact details and period in willich for the roll call
    Best wishes

  4. The reunion was great, Tam did a fantastic job organising everything. I met a lot of people I had not seen for 28 years, some I did not recognise at first and others had not changed at all.
    I need some pictures with names to help my memory, so if you took some please put them on the web.

    Big thanks to Tam for all the work he put in to this.

    David Jacklin
    Willich 1978-1981

  5. Really enjoyed the photo's and the comments.Wanted to be there to see my old mate Charlie Mcbain but was unable to make it.If it was possible to return to an era,then,Willich would be the place for me.Sadly,after 40 years from being there I cannot return to my mispent youth!!!Oh,so happy days I had there,Thanks to all who contributed and hope that such reunions continue??? Fingers(41 Plant Sqd)'66-'68.

  6. I like the idea of a reunion in this country in 2011 for 40 ASR. Will be great to meet up with old friends. We will all be Saga louts rather than Amstel louts!!!
    Mike Bond
    Willich 1967- 1970

  7. Hi Hank
    Lost my last note in this machine, so you may get this message twice, subject is the idea of a reunion in the UK,It's a great idea and should it be arranged then I would do my very best to attend.
    Ivan Sibbons Willich 1965-1967

  8. hi.all.
    post commnent if u wan´a contact me