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Anderson Alan 21 ebw 1982-86
Anderson Peter 21 sqn 1963-65
Allardyce Robert 1970-74 41 plant
Allison David 1963-1966
Appleyard Eddie 1965-67
Arno Keith 1965-69 21 Sqn
Barlow Keith 1968-71
Barnard Mike (Barney) 21 sqn 1972-74 Mikes Web Site
Barnes Brian 1973-1976 41 plant
Beer Bob 1980-82 522 STRE
Belcher Ron. 1963-1967 41 sqn
Belsom Trevor 1966-1970 + 1984-1987  41 Sqn
Bishop Terry 1961-1964 21 sqn
Blakemore Roy . 41 Plant sqn.1966-69
Bokor Paul 21 sqn 1978-80
Bond Mike 21 sqn REME 1967-70
Bonham Martin 41 sqn 1961-65
Borrett Ginger  SQMS Dept 1974-78
Bourne Micky 21 EBW welder 1982-85
Bower Reg 1963-67  New addition 28 Sept 15
Brett Harry 1961-65 21 Sqn rhq VM
Brewster Jim 21 sqn 1964-67, 69-73, 77-78.
Brindley Charlie MT 1976 lost contact
Brown Tony 21 sqn 1980-1984
Burke Paddy 1975-83 still there
Byner Keith 21 EBW 1980-83
Calder Callum 1989-92
Carter Bob 41 sqn 1966-69 football
Cawley Ron 1961-62 football for Regt R.I.P. Aug 2016
Cheston Geordie (Randolf William) 1972-76 RIP
Claridge Jon 522 1979-82
Clegg Dave AVR  1986-87
Cliffe Alan 522 STRE Clk of Wks (E) 1985-87
Cheetham Howard (Howie) 21 Sqn 1975-77
Cocklin Dave 1960-66
Coe Pete 522 STRE 1988-90
Colley George 1970-74
Connors Scouse. I was in Willich from 4th May 1981 to 25th April 1983.
Cook Bill bilco 1982-84
Cooper Barrie from march 1982 - 1986 306 plant park.
Couch Brian 21 sqn 1967-70
Covey David. 339/41 plant park sqn from 57 to 59 deceased 2008
Cowling Mike Yorkie 1973-77 lost contact 
Crichton Brian wksp 1964-65
Daly Jim scouse 21 sqn 1970-74
Davey John 1962-64
Delaney John 1974-1977 21 Sqn
Dennehy Patrick Wk Shop REME 1981-85
Donkersley Keith 1976-1980 heavy section commander
Dowan David Plt Fitt REME workshop 1974-78
Dunne Gerry paddy  RHQ 1962-66
Elliott George 21 sqn 1964-67
Elliott Mike 1963-66
Ellis Michael 41 Plant 1967-71
Evans Derek 339/41 1958
Fahey Terry EBW 1980-85
Felton Don 41 sqn 1967-70
Fenwick William. 1956-1958 corporal 339 plant park sqn
Foy John Martin 21 Sqn 1963-67 died 25th Dec.2008 in Seattle/USA where he lived since 1977 from daughter Sylvia
Gilchrist Alex. 1972-1975 41 plant
Hall Paddy 1979-82 EBW
Harris John (Pip) 1976-77 21 EBW
Hayward Tony 1986-1991 passed 13 Nov 2012 RIP
Heywood Roger Lcpl Fitter RE attached to REME, rapid runway repair team with the belated Jim Stafford RIP
Higgins Joe Jock Stp MT 1967-
Hooker Ian 1962-65
Holmes David J 1954-55
Holmes Phil 1979-83 EBW
Howard Allan 21 Sqn 1963-68
Howell Ken 1961-1964 Died 8th November 2009 from Tam Pearce
Hudson Dave 1968-71
Hussey Baz 21 sqn only on welding course 6 months
Ingledew Melvyn spud 1960-1964 21 Sqn crane opp
Irons John 1961-64
Irvine Dave 21 sqn 1971-78
Jacobs Stuart . 1974-77
Jessiman Robin 21 sqn 1974-77
Johnson Nicholas Jilly paint shop EBW 1981-86
Johnson Vincent 1971-75 Approx. passed 2 years ago. from son Neil
Joiner John H Lt.Col OC Willich 1969-1971 March 2017 R.I.P.
Jones David. from 1975 to 1979 in paint shop
Jones Vince taffy 41 sqn electrician 1965-67
Jordan Dunstan 41 Plt 1966-68
Josse Mick 21 sqn 1961-63 plus 1963-66 C.Clerk
Kelly (Ned) Terry 1963-68
Kemp Alan EBW 1978-81
King Brian RAEC 1959
Kitchen Bert 41 Sqn 1966-69  R.I.P 16July 2008
Kitchen Geoff   planty shed 3 1974-77
Kilburn killer Pete 306 plt 1986-90
Krakowski Simon Ski Chippy Shop 1986-89
Krakowski Wendy REME Office 1987-89
Lewis Bill luigi  Plant 1972-78
Liddicoat Tony 21 Sqn C & J  1966-68
Lands Richard 21 army support sqn 1978-82
Lang Taffy 339 Plt Pk 1956-57
Larsen Arthur 1983-86
Lawrence Hank 1965-69
Lawrence Mick 21 sqn 1972-74
Livingstone Colin 21 EBW chippy shop 1986-90
Lyle Eddie 1975-77
Marchant Larry 1967-72
Marshall Billy 21 Sqn 1970-73 
Martin Dave EBW welder 1982-85
Martin Roger MT 1968-71
Mathieson Robert (Bob) 1951-1953
McBain Charlie 1972-74
McBride Jim 21 Sqn 69/71 RE
McCargo Sean (paddy) 41 sqn 1963-66
McGilp Donald 1963-1965 21 sqn
Mein Jim jock 1966-70 21 Sqn
Melville William billy 1964-67 21 Sqn
Mercer Allan, 1972-1977
Messenger Rick 21 sqn 1971-75 again 21 ASS 1979-80
Meston Berny 1966
Meston Roy 1965-66
Milne Chris 1966-69
Mitchell Alexander 41. 1966-70
Moat Eric 41 plus OC driver 1961-67
Molloy Mick. July 65 untill February 67.
Moran Pat 41 plant 1965-66
Morley Stewart Watson 41 plant 1964-67? R.I.P Nov 1994
Morris Colwyn taff 21 sqn 1961-63
Murphy John spud 21 Sqn 1966-70
Nash Fred 21 Sqn 1965-68
Needham Stewart 21 Sqn 1970-72
Nelson Alan 1968-69 plus 1979-83
Nelson Joe 1972-1974 footballer
Netherton Ray 1976-79 WO11 41 Sqn
Nixon Pat looking for roger 1963-1964
O.Hara Scarlet 1963-64
Onslow Raymond (Joe) 41 Sqn 1959-61
Page Dave plant Sgt later MPF left 1991
Palmer Rob 21 ASS
Pantin Rand 1965-1968 & 1976-1980 21 sqn
Parsons Brian 1961-64 21 sqn
Patterson Ted 21 EBW
Paul Chris e.b.w 1978-80
Pearce Tam 1985 ten years
Phillips Fred 1959-1963 41 sqn
Philpot Les 1986-89 303AEP
Pickersgill Paul (Pickers)  Scammell Op Heavy section 1980-1985
Poore Mike 1953 was lc Gregory driver for a time in a Humber car then in q stores marching families in and out.
Potts Chris 1962-64
Preece Derek 21 EBW late 80s
Rainsford Peter (fingers) 41 plant 1966-69
Raschen Daniel Lt Col OBE OC Willich 1967-69
Ravey Bryan ( Torchy ) 1965-68 41 sqn
Read David 41 Plt 1965-69 (Reunion photos 2012)
Reynolds Michael 1969-72
Rice Gerald 1960-61
Ricketts Chris 1968-69
Robinson Michael 41 sqn 1975-78
Rockey Ray 41 Sqn 1966-1969
Royce Ken  21 sqn 1963-67
Rutledge Victor 1965-68 Died June 1999 info from Son Les
Samuel Dave sam lighting troop 41 sqn 1966-1969
Saunders Mick 1967-70 21 Pk tp
Savage Tom 1974-79 plus 1980-84
Say Stanley 1961-1962 41 sqn
Scaife Alan lighting troop 1966-68
Sibbons Ivan 1965-67 21 sqn
Sinclair David jock 1966-72 Passed 1996 info from son David Junior
Sim Bob 41 sqn 1964-68
Simm Malcolm 1963-64 Passed April 2011 info from Keith Swann
Simpson Ken 1959-1963 41 sqn
Sloan Mick 41 plant 1966-69
Smaller Stan 1958-60 , 1967 , 1973
Smith Dave 1969-72 Lighting group
Smith Ronald. 1960-61. plus 1965-67 41 plant
Stewart Alistair (Shep) 306 Plant Park 1982-1985
Strudley Jon 21 EBW 1984-86
Summers Gary 1975-82
Swann Keith 1963-65 Passed 3 May 2018 R.I.P Sapper
Swinton John CARP 1979-82
Taylor Len 1965-67 lost contact
Taylor Martin 21 MT 1971-75
Thatcher Phil 1973 Ration truck
Thompson John 1961-1965 21 sqn
Tomlinson Howard 21 Sqn 1964-66
Tyrrell John 1964-67
Verdon Peter 1976-79
Villette Steve 1979-87
Waddington Charles 21sqn office clerke later chief clerke
Wallace Brian 1985-91
Walton George 21 sqn 1972-76
Walton Jack 41 sqn 1971-75
Walton Ken 21 sqn 1972-75
Williams Bruce. 40 AESR 1965 Staff Car Driver
Williamson Ronald REME 1953-54
Windle Frank 1960-64 41 sq, Del Tp, RHQ Clerk
Witham Jim WO1 21 Sqn Died 1978 info from his son Roland
Wright Steve 21 Army Sp Sqn as Dvr Spec Crane and Unit Orderly Corporal Sep 75 to Aug 77
Wyatt Nick 1984-85
Wye Tom 41 sqn 1961-1964 and 1966-1968
Wyton Ray 339 plant troop 1957-58
Youdle Dave tich 1961 6 months
Peter Ziolkowski, surveyor, 522 STRE  83-86


  1. Fantastic weekend at the Willich Reunion 11/12 July 2009 meeting up with Jim 'Jock' Brewster and Randy Pantin and knowing each other straightaway after 32 years was hoping to say hello to our former CO Roger Eagle and RSM Brian Cox but both could not make it chatted with former OC EBW Bill Kerr and many who were out of time special mention to a national service lad who was there in 1952 and the last CO Richard Dennis who gave the keys to Stadt Willich in 1992 last but not least many thanks to Tam Pearce as a true sapper put everything together and he did go the extra nine yards! Cheers Steve Wright Willich 75-77

  2. George Elliott 1964-1967 21 Sqn

  3. Hi Hank,just scanned the names list, knew a few. I was in 41 plant park as troop electrician with, Sammy samuj, Brummy Dewsbury, Martin Bohnham, Graham Cushen & troop sgt Ernie Davis.
    Might get back to Willich one day
    Vince (Taff) Jones

  4. Hello all,

    thanks for the kind word. The next "big" reunion is on the schutzenfest weekend in 2012. This will be a weekend event. But I will plan little one day/evening get togethers each year for those who wish to make an annual pilgrimage. just send me a mail a.s.a.p. and i will put you on the distribution mail list.

    P.S. thanks to Hank he help a lot with the information spreading!

  5. does anyone remember Lorraine who was the Sgts Mess Manageress until it closed in 1992

    Jayne Patterson (wife of CPL EW Patterson)

  6. Hello Jayne i take it you served in Willich, would your husband like to be added to the roll call. please contact me via the contact Hank link

  7. from Mary Butcher Nee Rodbard
    Hi Hank
    My father served at Willich in 1961. Was in main stores and his name WO2 Rodbard. Iwas 17years old and started my first job there as a Civilian Clerk. I worked in Chief Clerk Douglas's office. I also ran the 1st Willich Cub Pack with Lt Cleary. If anyone remembers me, I send them my best wishes.

  8. Tam, I might be interested in coming over sooner than 2012. (I live in the states) Would love to get some info from you.

    Jimmy Daly

  9. Hi Hank, I was enamoured to come across this site, I served 1966-68 in 21 Sqn as a C & J, played for the football team. It was certainly some halcyon times in our youth and a lovely town, I got my first tape on the cadre there and have a stack of photos to give to your library of mainly 21 sqn lads, Cider Ridgeway,[now deceased I believe] Paul Davis, Scouse Thomas, Garry Marsh, remember 'Harry Harris ??. I am still in touch with Sean McCargo from another site and wil point him in this direction, along with a couple of others I know from around then, Pebs Mawer. et al. We were in 21 together, you were in the stores if I remember correct, Dunno if you remember myself, devilishly handsome and virile,[LOL] I'll dig out those photos , let me know where to send them to. Cheers for now,
    Tony Liddicoat.

  10. Hi Tony thanks for message please contact me via the contact me link so i can send you my details

  11. I was there in 85, and can remember people like Mac Mckay, kenny Wilson and I do remember Scouse Daly,I think he was a civvy then. I would love to catch up with those blokes. I met up with Mac's wife once in the Falklands in 95 when i was a troop sergeant in 59 Cdo. I also remember Tony liddicoat, he was SSM 5 Sqn ( 26 Engr ) when I worked as a PTI in 26.

  12. Sorry, Nick Wyatt. Above like 85.

  13. Hi I was there in 63/67 and a great time it was do people remember the 40 Jolly boys club? In the role of Honour I notice a few names but many sem to be missing. Eddie Cooney Snowy Brooks Aubry Graham Mike Clarke Ging Kirtly does anybody have any news. I am looking through Photo Album and will send them to Mike

  14. hi luigi here (bill lewis) i worked on mt and in plant troop in 21 sqn
    anybody remember billy lafferty,alf mellor or mick claire,also in plant troop

  15. I served in willich from 1976 to 1980 in 303
    engr stores residing in the bungalow with Tony Ledson John Dixon Capt Jerry Ovard and ran the Hockey Team in Baor Minor Units 1980
    John Neal

  16. John Neal please can you contact me with contact link above so i can add you to roll